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  • Easy Build - Verify included. Code for each command is easier to write.
  • Lightweight - We make them as light as possible. Discord Hono has zero dependencies.
  • TypeScript - TypeScript support.

Development Direction

Priority items to address:

  • Run on Cloudflare Workers
  • Receiving and responding to Discord Interactions

Lower priority, but gradually addressing:

  • Run in environments other than Cloudflare
  • Requests and responses to REST API

Server-based Bot vs Serverless Bot

Server-based BotServerless Bot
CapabilitiesEverythingResponding to commands
Anything that can be done with REST API
Limitations-Cannot maintain constant connection
ScalingRequires various adjustmentsAuto-scale
CostFree: With downtime
Large-scale: Can be expensive
Free: No downtime
Large-scale: Can be low-cost
Discordeno etc…
…? (I don’t know anything else)

Capabilities and Limitations

  • Server-based Bot
    • Can do everything
  • Serverless Bot
    • Can respond to commands and anything that can be done with REST API
    • Cannot maintain constant connection

Serverless Bots cannot maintain a constant connection (like connecting to VC, monitoring comments and responding).
This is the biggest disadvantage of Serverless Bots.
On the other hand, if you don’t plan to maintain a constant connection, it might be worth considering a Serverless Bot.


  • Server-based Bot
    • Requires various adjustments
  • Serverless Bot
    • Auto-scale

With Serverless Bots, you don’t have to worry about scaling.


  • Server-based Bot
    • Free: With downtime
    • Large-scale: Can be expensive
  • Serverless Bot
    • Free: No downtime
    • Large-scale: Can be low-cost

Since Serverless Bots are not always running, they can be low-cost.
Even for free use, most services do not have downtime.